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Don’t you wish there was a different genre of music you could listen to, which is distinct from the mainstream pop you hear each day? I too went in search of a different kind of music which I could fall in love with. Something with more meaning and a catchier beat. I needed a break from mainstream music. That was when I discovered the wonders of Jamaican music, reggae, and dancehall. Explore Our Reggae Videos Playlist

I listen to various music genres and am a big fan of feel good music. This theme pertains to an extensive collection of music genres including ska, dancehall, and rock steady. But among all its subcategories, reggae is the most famous. This style which gained recognition in the 1970’s was made famous by music legend Bob Marley. Other famous reggae artists include Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer.

Reggae music is beautiful in its simplicity. Usually, a whole reggae song will have no more than two chords. It’s also very off-beat, spontaneous and unpredictable. Reggae musicians can inject plenty of emotions and meaning into their music. This is also one of the reasons why Jamaican music is well-loved by so many people around the world.
Nowadays, Reggae Fusion is a great evolution of this genre of music. The new music genre is a mix of traditional reggae with current musical trends such as hip-hop, jazz, and R&B. This fusion has made Jamaican music more appealing to younger audiences. Thus, the popularity of reggae has been passed onto a new generation of listeners.

Dancehall music in the Caribbean where top artists and producers started, is still much popular and gaining worldwide recognition. It gives the younger generation a chance to fulfil a dream and to make a career of it. It is more than just music but a passion and a lifestyle to people. If you have not yet heard dancehall then make it a must to do so, it is captivating and unique and you will definitely fall in love with it and would see why it is so widespread today.
Moreover, this genre of music is also very rich in meaning. Aside from the usual love songs, there are also songs written for political reasons, to forward environmental causes, and so on.

If you are in search of a unique yet modern genre of music that you will love listening to, then I am sure you will love Jamaican music, but specifically, you’ll love Stone Love Sound from Jamaica.
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to party every night? Well, I have something to show you! My name is WAYNE BARTLEY o/c 2Gran. My life and career were made in a place where the word “party” takes on an entirely different meaning. I am a photographer and video director of reggae music videos.
The nightlife here is full of music, world-class dance venues, and celebrities from a dozen nations and some of the most thrilling adventures ever captured on camera.

I’m talking about the land of Jamaica. The dance hall party culture I’ve built an entire television network around has to be seen to be believed. I’d like to invite you to experience the exciting combination of one of the world’s premier music cultures and a fast-moving, cutting-edge independent television team. This is 2Gran TV; our goal is never to miss a party! With your generous support, we will be able to go places no television network ever has, and bring you the hottest acts, the most famous venues

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