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Dancehall is the most popular music genre in Jamaica as it originates in the late 70s of the previous century and at this point has impacted an enormous amount of other types of music worldwide such as RnB, Rap and even dance music. Originally the genre was quite close to Reggae compared to nowadays. With the advancement of technology in the music industry, the sound has considerably changed as the digitalization made the rhythms smoother and faster.

Dancehall videos in YouTube are good tutorials to understanding the genre. The style has given birth to dancing moves which make stage acts and parties more entertaining and energetic. Many dance routines used in famous Rap videos are borrowed from the Dancehall style, or its variations such as in the videos of “Wacky Dip”, “Daggering”, “Bad Man Forward Bad Man Pull Up” and many others.

An Insane Vibe

Jamaica party videos are a good example of the great vibe dancehall brings to the table it also shows the general idea behind how popular the dancehall scene is in Jamaica. Naturally, this raises a concern regarding the topic if there is a link between how young people behave and the music genre. My idea is to shed some light on the topic based on a hard data and exploration of Jamaican dancehall reggae videos to determine whether or not there is a connection between the two.

It is particularly interesting that the youth keeps up with the dancehall music scene and puts a lot of energy into it, however, the same observance is not present when it comes to the energy put in their studies and academics.

The Impact on Youth

The young generation and especially teenagers are always looking of ways to express them and ways to channel their bursts of energy. Watching dancehall videos or Jamaica party videos is a good way to learn new dance moves and practice them. If that is the music that inspires them the least that they should do is find ways to make it more productive for them.
On another note, in society, the dancehall music is representing violence and sexual imagery. There are many cases of actual performers which where found out to be murderers, pimps or drug dealers and the whole situation very much resembles how Hip Hop music was perceived in the United States during the 90s and the early 2000s with worldwide stars like 50cent and T.I. being involved in murders, gun selling, and drugs previously.

Summing all of that up it seems that all of this actually has a negative impact on upcoming generations; however, that is not necessarily the case as dancehall music gives teenagers something to believe in. Kids are not bound to mimic the actions of their idols, in fact at this age kids are known to do exactly the opposite.