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Welcome to Stone Love Jamaica, a YouTube channel dedicated to the magical music of the Caribbean. Here you will find lovely old school Jamaican reggae mixtapes. Whether you love to party or exploring new music and cultures, you will find something to inspire you in this channel.
We have a vast collection of Stone Love music. Stone Love is one of the most popular music movements out of Jamaica. Founded in 1973 by Winston “Wee Pow” Powell, the Stone Love Movement is a modern Jamaican sound system that continues to evolve to this day.
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Stone Love is the best party music with millions of fans around the world. From the United States to Japan, our music touched the lives of millions of people, if you love Jamaican music, you’ll love our channel.
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Moreover, we offer some of the best Dancehall reggae mixes, Hip Hop, R&B, dubplate music you can find on YouTube. As the most prominent Jamaican sound system, Love Stone incorporate soul, juggling, and Jamaican oldies music.
Some of the artists who contributed to the Stone Love Movement include Rory, Geefus, Billy Slaughter, Billy Cosby, and more. The sound system produced the Stone Love and Father Pow record labels, which released immortal tunes by great caliber artists like Bounty Killer, Jigsy King, Tanya Stephens, and Daddy Screw.
In any case, we invite you to join our channel to enjoy the music and the party.
Jamaica is recognized to be the birthplace of entire music genres such as hip-hop and R&B. In our channel, you get to enjoy the finest selection of dance music to feed your soul. Go back to the roots.
We created this channel to be a source of awareness of the Jamaican Party Culture. Therefore, when you subscribe to our channel, you will have access to fun and seductive Jamaica Dancehall Party Videos, Dancehall Reggae Videos, and more. Our videos capture the essence of party culture in the African Caribbean heritage, so on our YouTube channel; you get to watch videos of Jamaica dancehall parties, which include weekly parties arranged from all the corners of the world.

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The night of Jamaica is full of pleasure, party, and music. It is for the truly adventurous at heart. By subscribing to our magical YouTube channel, you will be able to watch prestigious DJ party events and a first-hand view of how every night is a party in Jamaica. You’ll enjoy the nightlife adventures, the dance, and life of pleasure.
If you like to watch parties and explore a different culture, subscribe to our channel and turn on the notification, so you don’t lose the beat. We love to hear from you, so feel free to leave comments or opinions on the videos you like. We love to share our adventure with you. We love the Stone Love Movement and all the joy it brings us; we hope you too enjoy our channel.
Keep the part alive in your heart!


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